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This policeman is called when Lily's father finds his daughter and Emma Swan hiding in a broken-in mansion. He appears in "Breaking Glass".


After the Curse

Early Life

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Emma turns her back on friendship. ("Breaking Glass")

The young Emma watches as Lily's father talks with a policeman outside the mansion she and Lily were squatting in. Lily herself then repeatedly calls to Emma from within the passenger seat of her father's car, wanting to get her attention. After much hesitation, Emma turns to face her and begins to slowly approach while she tells him not to worry about her dad, for he is just angry that she used his Visa. She then writes something down on the notepad in her hand, and tells Emma to come and find her when this blows over so that they can run away together. Finishing, she tears the paper - presumably bearing her home address - from the notepad and hands it to Emma, but all Emma can say is that Lily tricked her. Lily tries apologizing, knowing she lied about her family, but assures the blonde that everything else she said was true; she hates her home and feels invisible there; she's just like Emma - an orphan - only she was adopted, but the place she lives isn't her home. She then reminds Emma that she promised to be friends forever no matter what, urging her to take the paper, but she doesn't; she just walks away, licking her thumb and using it to smudge the star shape drawn on by someone who used to be her friend. A crying Lily calls out for Emma, but she goes ignored, and Emma steps willfully into the car that is to take her back into foster care. ("Breaking Glass")

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