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Philippe is a military advisor who worked for Sir Maurice during one of the Ogre Wars in "Skin Deep".


After the Curse

Season 1

Military Advisor 112
Maurice's advisor tells him news of the battlefield. ("Skin Deep")

Sir Maurice is staring at a map on the table as one of his men - his military adviser - tells him of news on the battlefield. The adviser tells Maurice that their soldiers have fallen, and Maurice seems distraught, going on to say that ogres are no people. "We have to do something. We have to stop them," another of his men - Sir Gaston - tells him. The sir's daughter, Belle, makes her way over to him and assures her father that the person who has been supposedly fallen in battle, could be on his way at that moment. "It's too late my girl, it's just... too late," her father tells her, tearing up in his throne. They here someone entering the castle and Maurice and Belle get up and investigate, Maurice wonders how he could get past the walls. The two of them walk closer to the door and the king tells his guards to open it, they remove a blank which blocks the entrance, guards begin to draw their blades and the double doors swing open but no one is on the other side. They seem disappointed. "Well, that was a bit of a let-down," says Rumplestiltskin, sitting upon the throne, the people in the room turn around, shocked. "You sent me a message, something about, um... 'Help! Help! We're dying! Can you save us?!'" Rumple retorts as a guard walks towards him, sword in tow. "Now, the answer is, yes." Rumple tells them, standing up and pushing the sword of the guard down to point at the floor. He walks around the room and tells them that he can protect their little town, for a price. "We sent you a promise of gold," the Maurice says, squaring up to Rumplestiltskin who explains that he makes gold and wants something a bit more special. "My price... is her." Rumple says, pointing a finger towards Belle. He proceeds to take the girl as his maid. ("Skin Deep")

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