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The Peddler is an old unnamed man who Will met and asked for water from in "Who's Alice?".


After the Curse

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Peddler OW106
The peddler meets Will. ("Who's Alice?")

Will is walking through the forest, holding his head as he complains about the pain he's feeling. He comes across an old man dragging a food cart with him and he asks for a sip of water. The old man asks Will if he's okay as he doesn't look too good. Will asks if the old man has ever been stoned, pointing out it feels like death when you "come out of it". The man chuckles and supposes Will has been messing with the wrong stuff. Will explains that he means being turned to stone, shocking the old man, who gives him his entire canteen full of water. Will begins to drink from it as the old man walks away with his cart. As he leaves, two thieves that attacked Alice earlier walk down the road and talk to Will. ("Who's Alice?")

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