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This peddler meets Emma Swan while traveling through the Enchanted Forest, and when asked for directions to Camelot, he agrees to give them in exchange of silver. This results in the new Dark One unintentionally, magically strangling him, but finally maintains enough self-control to allow him free so he may run away. He appears in "The Dark Swan".


After the Second Curse

Season 5

501 10
Emma gets her first taste of darkness. ("The Dark Swan")

Emma continues to journey through the Enchanted Forest when she comes across a lowly peddler, whom she runs toward and begs for help. He stops to aid her and she explains that she needs directions to Camelot, wanting to know if he knows the way. He does, and reveals that the information will cost her two pieces of silver. She humbly tells him that she doesn't have any silver, and the price quickly rises to three pieces. When she stresses that she's in a hurry, it goes up to four, and she eventually orders, "Just tell me!" Suddenly, his windpipe is compressed and he's lifted off the ground with magic. He grasps at his throat, unable to breathe, and Emma doesn't understand what's going on. When he manages to ask her what she's doing, she assures that she's not doing anything, at which Rumplestiltskin reappears at her side and tells her that of course she is. She sees that he is making the strangle gesture with his hand and begs him to stop hurting the man; however, he says that it's not him doing it - it's her. She then looks down and sees that she is compulsively doing the same gesture. With effort, she forces herself to stop, and the peddler finally drops to the ground. Emma can't stop her hand from shaking and the peddler runs away, scared. Rumple asks the new Dark One if she enjoyed it - her first taste of darkness - and Emma is unsure of how to react. ("The Dark Swan")

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