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The Painter is an unnamed man who Jafar met when he arrived in London, England in "Who's Alice?".


After the Curse

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

OW106 01
The painter meets Jafar. ("Who's Alice?")

The painter is sat in a park painting a picture of Big Ben and the city around it. Suddenly an explosion comes from the ground behind him and dirt lands on his suit. He turns and is shocked to see Jafar stood near the blast. He stands up bravely, but then notices the White Rabbit emerging from the blast. Smiling, Jafar walks towards the man and asks if Bethlem Asylum is. Unable to finish his sentences, the man tries to ask who Jafar is and what the rabbit is. However, Jafar simply repeats his question. The painter gives the location and then Jafar intimidatingly says it wasn't so hard to do so. His smile suddenly fades and turns to a dark glare as he compliments the man on his very nice suit. He proceeds to walk towards the painter, presumably attacking him and stealing his suit. ("Who's Alice?")

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