Oz Book of Records
Oz Book of Records
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The Oz Book of Records is a huge book that contains prophecies of the future including one of a powerful sorceress who will arrive to Oz by cyclone to join the sisterhood of witches and assume her place as the Witch of the West.


Before the Curse

Oz Book of Records 320
Zelena checks her future. ("Kansas")

Glinda takes Zelena to meet her sister witches from the North and East. There is a fourth empty seat at the west and they'd like Zelena to fill it. Then, Glinda explains that the Book of Records foretells that a powerful sorceress will come to Oz in a cyclone and be a powerful protector. Glinda tells Zelena that she's always been meant for more and she can do it if she lets go of her past. Later, Glinda takes Zelena to the West, her new land. A cyclone appears and a house drops out of it. When the two witches go to investigate, they find the ruins of a farmhouse and a young girl. She introduces herself as Dorothy Gale. Sometime later, Dorothy enjoys a meal with the Sisterhood and they all welcome her. Zelena watches from the shadows and Glinda notices her. She goes to her and Zelena turns, her skin partially green. Zelena accuses them of fawning over their newest protégé, and Glinda assures her that no one is taking her place. Despite her denial, Zelena opens the Book of Records. According to the prophecy, the Witch of the West will defeat the great evil that Oz has ever seen. Zelena believes that she is the greatest evil, but Glinda tells her that only she can shape her evil. Later, Zelena - now fully green once more - confronts Dorothy as she is taking water from a well. Zelena attacks her with a fireball. Dorothy throws her bucket of water on her and Zelena melts to nothing. Dorothy decides to come back to Kansas, and Glinda accepts to help her. Behind them, Zelena reforms. When Dorothy and Glinda arrive at the Emerald City to see the Wizard, Zelena, who is posing as him, uses the silver slippers to send Dorothy away before banishing Glinda to the Enchanted Forest. ("Kansas")