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The Orderly is an unnamed man who works at Storybrooke's Hospital in "In the Name of the Brother".


After the Curse

Season 2

Orderly 212 1
Dr. Whale is nowhere to be found. ("In the Name of the Brother")

Mary Margaret exclaims that her nerves can't take it any more, asking if the surgery is almost over. David puts a comforting arm on her shoulder and Emma begins to estimate how long the surgery takes before seeing a member of medical staff step out of the hallway, David asks him if there's any news but the staff member tells them that they're just waiting for the doctor. Ruby is shocked that he isn't in the OR and the staff member says that he never came in. Emma orders him to page him and he obliges. David states that Whale was not looking so good earlier. His pager is heard bleeping and Mary Margaret says that he's here, however, Emma discovers the pager abandoned alongside Whale's white coat, "No, but his pager is," she tells them, "He's gone.". ("In the Name of the Brother")

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