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Swan Song

Once Upon a Time 5x11

"Swan Song" is the 99th episode of Once Upon a Time. The dark siege of Storybrooke is underway as all of the resurrected Dark Ones target a living soul for sacrifice so that they can return to the realm of the living. With doom imminent, Gold advises Mary Margaret, David and the rest of the heroes to spend their last fleeting moments enjoying the company of their loved ones; Emma, however, refuses to give up, knowing that it's her responsibility to right all the poor choices she made as the Dark Swan. There's only one problem: Dark Hook. When they face off, with the fate of the town at stake, Hook's actions will devastate Emma in a way no one sees coming. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was, the Evil Queen tests Hook's mettle by forcing him to confront a demon from his past before contracting him to dispatch one from hers.


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Souls of the Departed

Next Episode

"Souls of the Departed" is the 100th episode of Once Upon a Time.

Ginnifer Goodwin
Jennifer Morrison
Lana Parrilla
Josh Dallas
Emilie de Ravin
Colin O'Donoghue
Jared S. Gilmore
Rebecca Mader
Sean Maguire
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Featured Character

Arthur Name

King Arthur

King Arthur is a supporting character on Once Upon a Time. Since he was a little boy, Arthur was prophesied to pull Excalibur from its stone and become King of Camelot. However, due to the elusive nature of the prophecies he was given, he had no idea that the sword would be as broken as the kingdom he was supposed to rule it with - and his marriage to the lovely Queen Guinevere grew just as splintered as he made it his life's goal to find Excalibur's missing end, known as the Dark One's dagger. Eventually, he turned to magic to solve his problems, making his adulterous Queen bend to his will and his kingdom's humble tower appear as a grand palace. With his life having been ruined by the thankless tasks he was assigned, he makes it his new mission to complete the sword and use it to run through the person who foresaw he would draw it in the first place: Merlin.


Featured Episode

503 Name

Once Upon a Time 5x03

"Siege Perilous" is the 91st episode of Once Upon a Time. In Camelot, the heroes feverishly work to free Merlin; determined to help Emma, David embarks on a quest to retrieve a magical relic that Regina could use to communicate with the imprisoned sorcerer, but, when the prince leaves, Arthur insists on joining him because the dangers ahead are greater than he can imagine. Meanwhile, Mary Margaret discovers the fate of her old friend Lancelot. Back in Storybrooke, Arthur seeks David's help to catch a thief who threatens the safety of his people while, across town, Emma reaches out to a conflicted Hook as she sets about her plan to draw Excalibur from the stone.


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Snow White and Prince Charming's wedding is interrupted by the Evil Queen's announcement that she will destroy everyone's happiness. The Queen fulfills her promise by unleashing a curse upon the fairytale world that rips away everyone's happy endings by sending them to our world. The fairytale characters we know and love therefore become trapped in the town of Storybrooke, Maine, dazed and unable to remember their past and prior identities, assuming new ones, and unaware of the fact that time is frozen. When young Henry Mills, the adopted son of Mayor Regina Mills - the real world alter-ego of the Evil Queen - starts believing in the curse and that everyone in town is a fairytale character, due to a book given to him by his teacher, Miss Blanchard (Snow White), he tracks down his birth mother, Emma Swan, in Boston, knowing her to be the child of the royal couple, and the key to everyone's salvation.


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