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Last Episode

Ill-Boding Patterns

Once Upon a Time 6x13

"Ill-Boding Patterns" is the 124th episode of Once Upon a Time. When Gideon resumes his mission to kill Emma and become the savior, Mr. Gold steps in to ensure that the use of dark magic does not poison his son. Meanwhile, Robin proves willing to ally himself with anyone offering the possibility of escape from Regina and Storybrooke, and Hook gathers the courage to come clean to Emma... but not before she discovers he's been keeping a secret. In the fairytale land that was, the legendary folk hero Beowulf sets his sights on Rumplestiltskin after the latter uses his Dark One powers to defeat the ogres and win the war for humanity.


Next Episode

Page 23

Once Upon a Time 6x14

"Page 23" is the 125th episode of Once Upon a Time. Believing there isn't room in Storybrooke for both her and Regina, the Evil Queen sets out to eliminate her other half using Robin to bait a trap. Hook, meanwhile, determined to make things work with Emma, turns to his old friend Captain Nemo for advice, but Gideon torpedoes his plan before he's able to set things right. And, in the fairytale land that was, Queen Regina learns a surprising lesson about the true source of her misery.



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Featured Character

Jafar Name


Jafar is one of the main characters of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. A powerful dark magician, Jafar has great plans for the young and willful Alice, related to her lover's magic bottle and the wishes he can great. Jafar originates from the land of Agrabah and has somehow found his way to Wonderland, wherein he will stop at nothing until he gets what he wants, and will try to dispose of those who stand in his way or who no longer are of any use to him. Ultimately, Jafar succeeds in his aim to change the laws of magic, but this comes back to haunt him when Nyx, the guardian to the Well of Wonders, punishes him for stealing her water by forcing him to serve eternity as a genie in a bottle.


Featured Episode

W04 Name

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland 1x04

"The Serpent" is the 4th episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. When the Knave's life is in danger, Alice has to make the tough decision on whether to use one of her three precious wishes and what that would mean for her and Cyrus. Her new friendship with Lizard reveals some of the Knave's backstory, and Cyrus plots to escape. Meanwhile, Jafar's plan to kill the Knave puts the Red Queen in a difficult position as she grapples with her feelings for him and her desire to get what she wants. In a flashback, we explore Jafar's origins and find out what he truly wants from Cyrus.


OUaT Quotes

Even demons can be killed... I will find a way!
Captain Hook

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About OUaT


Snow White and Prince Charming's wedding is interrupted by the Evil Queen's announcement that she will destroy everyone's happiness. The Queen fulfills her promise by unleashing a curse upon the fairytale world that rips away everyone's happy endings by sending them to our world. The fairytale characters we know and love therefore become trapped in the town of Storybrooke, Maine, dazed and unable to remember their past and prior identities, assuming new ones, and unaware of the fact that time is frozen. When young Henry Mills, the adopted son of Mayor Regina Mills - the real world alter-ego of the Evil Queen - starts believing in the curse and that everyone in town is a fairytale character, due to a book given to him by his teacher, Miss Blanchard (Snow White), he tracks down his birth mother, Emma Swan, in Boston, knowing her to be the child of the royal couple, and the key to everyone's salvation.


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