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Once - The Untold Stories, also known as Once Upon a Time - The Untold Stories and simply The Untold Stories, is an exclusive Once Upon a Time online video game available for playing on Facebook, and powered by Zynga.



As the game loads, the message "Magic comes to all of us" can be read, shown along with the image of an hourglass, above the buffering bar. When the game is fully loaded, one is treated to an introductory message, displayed on an ancient-looking scroll, the content of which can be read below.

Welcome to The Untold Stories of Once Upon A Time. This is your chance to live in the world of the show, dig deeper, and uncover new stories and secrets you can't find anywhere else.

Visit Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop to learn about his stolen treasures. If you accept his proposal to retrieve his precious items from across Fairy Tale Land, you will be rewarded with an untold story for each object returned succesfully.

Along the way, you'll learn more about the characters you love...and those you love to hate. So come inside and look around - you never know what kind of magic you may find.

Once players click the "Continue" button, they are shown a dual image of Mr. Gold in Storybrooke and Rumplestiltskin in Fairy Tale Land, and they are given the chance to choose which realm they'd like to start their gameplay in.


A personal message from Mr. Gold himself is displayed on a scroll when the player chooses the setting of Storybrooke, Maine.

Well dearie, I do appreciate the visit, but you've found me in a bit of bind. You see, some precious objects of mine have, shall we say, vanished. No one dares to break a deal with me, but it seems theft is another matter entirely. Rather than seek this criminal out, I have a proposition for you. Retrieve my items, and you will be paid handsomely. Open your inventory to begin the hunt.

Mr. Gold

The game begins at Mr. Gold's pawnshop, but the option of Archie's office is also available. They are able to look around the store, ... TBA

Fairy Tale Land

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