Once Upon a Time: Chapter 1
Chapter 1 DVD

"Missing" Trailer
February 14, 2012

Box Sets:
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Season 4Season 5

"Once Upon a Time: Chapter 1" is an exclusive DVD collection of Once Upon a Time episodes, featuring the first five episodes produced as part of the show's first season and a $5 coupon for the upcoming first season's DVD, scheduled for release in fall 2012. It was only sold in Target stores across the United States.


"Immerse yourself in the mystery of Storybrooke—a sleepy little town where every fairytale character you've ever known is frozen in time and trapped between two worlds, all victims of an evil curse. Discover the first five thrilling episodes of ABC's new hit series that has captivated audiences and critics alike with its unforgettable characters and its tangled web of romance, action and enchantment."

Disc Breakdown

Disc 1

Bonus Features

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