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This ogre is an episodic character on Once Upon a Time.


Before the Curse

Ogre 517 01
Belle lets the tortured young ogre go free. ("Her Handsome Hero")

This young ogre strays too far from home and runs around the forest near Maurice's castle where he's spotted by the hunter Gaston, who's on his first date with Belle. The ogre accidentally falls into a hunter's trap and is discovered by the two of them; Gaston is disturbed by its presence while Belle is simply shocked that an ogre is so close to the castle grounds... and then she sees its face, and realizes that it's merely a youngling. She believes it should be rescued but Gaston fears that the ogres are now using their young as scouts. As such, Belle agrees to trek to the Mirror of Souls so that they may see whether or not there is evil in the creature's soul. When she returns, it has escaped and attacked Gaston, and he and Maurice's men chase it through the woods. Belle continues to defend it, wanting to use the mirror, but all she's able to see is the demonic fire in the eyes of Gaston. She sees the ogre's injuries and realizes that Gaston must have tortured it when she was off trekking, and she is disgusted. She manages to get the ogre to safety, to her father's army's chagrin. ("Her Handsome Hero")

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