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This ogre is one of which terrorize villages in the Author's alternate storybook, Heroes and Villains. It appears in "Operation Mongoose, Part 1".


After the Second Curse

Season 4

421 22
An ogre attack. ("Operation Mongoose, Part 1")

There is the sudden and mighty roar of an ogre, and Henry looks up in shock as the massive beast approaches the village he's trapped in. Isaac comments that it's "right on time", while Henry is left to wonder what it even is. The man who wrote all of this explains that it's the exciting incident of this chapter: an ogre attack. "And you know what they say, you don't have to be faster than the ogre, you just have to be faster than the next guy." He walks away, leaving Henry to die, and the ogre continues to approach. It senses the captive child and stares down at him, roaring harshly in his face and creating a heavy wind with its breath. Henry begs for help, and, as if by miracle, a knight in shining, golden armor can be seen riding a valiant white steed up a hill and towards the attack taking place. The ogre turns to the knight, lifting its hand so as to grab him, but the hero simply waves his arm and emanates light magic from his palm. This magic hits the ogre at its center and causes it to collapse to the ground, dead, much to the joy of the villagers who only now step out from their huts. ("Operation Mongoose, Part 1")

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