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This ogre discovers Belle and Colette hiding when he and his companions invade Sir Maurice's castle during the Ogre War. He appears in "Family Business".


Before the Curse

406 02
Aloha. ("Family Business")

During the invasion of their castle, Belle and Colette try to escape, but before they can, they hear loud stomps as the castle shakes. This scares the mother and daughter, who both realize what it is. "They're here," Belle exclaims. Colette tells her daughter they'll have to hide. Sometime later, Belle and Colette are seen hiding in the library, underneath a table, hoping that they will not be found by what is roaming the castle. The two gals are scared for their lives, and it doesn't help when the library door is kicked in by a vicious ogre. Belle is horrified, but Colette motions for her to keep quiet. Belle nods, trying to stay calm. The mother and daughter watch as the ogre roams around the library. As it appears to be walking away, Colette whispers to Belle that everything will be alright. However, this proves to not be so, as the ogre lifts up the table horrifying the two gals, screaming into their faces. ("Family Business")

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