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Enchanted Forest
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Back away from my daughter!
Snow White

This ogre was slain by Snow White in order to protect her daughter when it began to attack Emma Swan in "Lady of the Lake".


After the Curse

Season 2

Emma 203
Emma is attacked by an ogre. ("Lady of the Lake")

When Snow White and Emma Swan are trapped within the Enchanted Forest, they desperately try and search for a way to return home. One of their plans in which to accomplish this is that of returning to Snow's old castle and retrieving the magical wardrobe that transported Emma to Maine when the curse first hit, so that they can use its magic to take them home. They trek to the castle alongside Mulan, having been warned that the ogres are back, from the curse's survivors' safe-haven, however, on the way there, Aurora puts a knife to Snow's throat as she blames her for the death of Prince Phillip. Snow flips Aurora and floors her but is approached by an angry Mulan. When Emma sees this, she fires her gun into the air to stop them, but Snow asks her if she has any idea what she's just done. The next thing heard is the growling of the ogres, having been alerted by the gunshot as they hunt on sight alone, in the forest and Snow exclaims for them all to run. Aurora runs with Mulan and Snow runs with Emma, but the latter trips on a stray tree root and is approached by one of the ogres. She attempts to shoot it with her gun but he rips it from her hand and crumples it, throwing it away. It continues to growl over her, ready to kill her, until a whistling is heard from behind it. It turns to see Snow White standing with a bow and arrow and telling him to back away from her daughter. Snow proceeds to shoot the creature in the eye with her arrow and it dies, that being the proper way to slay an ogre. ("Lady of the Lake")

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