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I'm gonna send a message via fairy.

This nun is an episodic character on Once Upon a Time. Rumplestiltskin uses magic on her to age her up, as a way of sending a message to Belle. The beauty refuses to give in to her husband though, and Regina is eventually able to restore the nun to her true youth.


After the Third Curse

Season 6

609 02
Rumple uses aging dust on the nun. ("Changelings")

A door bursts open as a nun comes running through a dark room, fearing for her life. She makes a turn, coming to a dead end, but is started to find none other than Rumplestiltskin standing there before her. She jumps back in fear, as the Dark One assures that there's no where to hide from him. However, the nun believes that whatever Rumple is doing, the Mother Superior won't let him get away with it. The Dark One does not answer, but instead waves his hand, disappearing the nun in a puff of red smoke, and then turning and re-appearing her tied to a pole. Though Rumple goes about his plan, he is first interrupted by the Evil Queen, who has come by to join in on the fun. She is intrigued when Rumple uses an aging dust on the nun, who is later sent back to the convent in a wheelchair. Belle realizes that Rumple is directing this message at her, trying to scare her into going back to him. Later on though, Regina manages to work some magic and restore the nun to her true youth. ("Changelings")

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