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This nun was present at the Blue Fairy's funeral when Peter Pan's shadow attacked; like her fellow nuns, she was presumably a fairy before the casting of the Dark Curse.


After the Curse

Season 3

311 08
The shadow attacks. ("Going Home")

At the local convent, Mother Superior's lifeless body rests peacefully within her coffin as three of her fellow fairies/nuns stand beside and mourn her in silence. It's not long before David, Hook, Neal and Tinker Bell walk in and approach them, with the latter apologizing for the interruption, adding that they need their help. "With what?" asks the nun, and Neal tells her that the Black Fairy's wand is there and that they need it. The nun says that they could never hand over such a weapon, and Tinker Bell admits to knowing it's a terrible, terrible thing, but warns her old friends that what's coming is much worse. "Where is it?" she demands, but suddenly, a banging is heard from outside the church; something is flying circles around the building and trying to get inside. As a strong wind whips over them, David wonders what the hell that was, and Hook tells the prince that it's Pan's shadow. The shadow presses itself up against a stain glass window, trying to push through, and the frightened nuns ask the others what it wants. Hook realizes that it must also want the Black Fairy's wand, and David tells all the nuns to run away, which they do, exiting the room. The shadow then finds a way inside via an open window and the four heroes left inside the church run to find cover in the form of a pew. The deadly shadow flies overhead, but is eventually defeated by Tinker Bell, who regains her wings and revives the Blue Fairy in the process. The latter is so grateful that she hands over the Black Fairy's wand, making it appear with her magic. ("Going Home")


Gallery of photographic stills released to promote character.

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