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News Reporter
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This news reporter gives the report of a robbery that Lily Page took part in. He appears in "Lily".


Early Life

419 11
Lily's crime is discovered. ("Lily")

An uncomfortable Emma asks for seconds and leaves the table, being shortly followed by Lily. Once away from the table, Emma asks her ex-friend what she's doing. Lily tells her she's making a good impression, but Emma points out that she's lying about how they met. "Would you rather I told them the truth?" Lily asks, reminding her that they were shoplifting. Emma tries to defend her actions by claiming she was hungry, but realizes that's beyond the point before telling Lily she's in a good situation and she doesn't want to mess it up. Lily understands, stating it's nice here. The two girls suddenly turn to a news report that's on about an armed robbery with masked criminals. When the camera freezes on one of their faces, Emma recognizes it to be Lily. "I can explain..." she says, knowing she's been caught. ("Lily")

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