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The Netherworld is a world on Once Upon a Time. It is another realm in which souls travel to when their owners are put under a sleeping curse.


Before the Curse

Snow White travels here when under the poisoned apple's influence, and, when she is woken up by true love's kiss, her nightmares continue and every time she sleeps she is transported to a burning, red room. When he sees her stirring, Charming wakes her up and lights and candle for her. ("Tallahassee")

After the Curse

Season 2

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Henry becomes trapped in another nightmare. ("Child of the Moon")

Aurora has the same nightmares as Snow when she awakes and has terrible nightmares of the burning, red room. She tells Snow of them and how there was someone else there, she is comforted by the princess. In Storybrooke, after his encounter with a poisoned apple turnover, Henry has the same nightmare from his P.O.V and Charming awakes him, he has no idea that he just met Aurora. ("Tallahassee") Henry receives burns from this world and so Mr. Gold gives him a medallion that will help him control the world he goes into. Aurora sees Henry again when she goes to sleep, he extinguishes the flames with the power he's given and tells her that his name is 'Henry', information that she passes to a relieved Snow and Emma. ("Child of the Moon")

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They can't kiss but they can get burned. ("Into the Deep")

Henry and Aurora use their nightmares to communicate with each other, however, Aurora does not return when she is rudely awoken for battle, before Henry got a chance to tell her vital information, he, however, is relieved to discover that his mother and grandmother are still alive. When he receives more burns, David refuses to let him go back and so he puts himself under a sleeping curse and his soul goes to the Netherworld. Snow inhales powder made from poppies to send herself into a deep sleep in which she accesses the Netherworld once more. Charming smashes through the floor into the room with no door and meets up with his wife, giving her the information she needs. However, she wakes up, leaving him trapped. ("Into the Deep") Charming is rescued when Snow gives him true love's kiss. ("Queen of Hearts")

Season 3

When Neal Cassidy becomes stranded in the Enchanted Forest, he is soon found by Aurora, Mulan and Prince Phillip. They soon realize that he knows Emma and Snow, and is Henry's father, and so decide to help him. Aurora explains that Snow taught her how to control the dream world so that she can return there in her sleep whenever she wants to and contact others who have been put under a sleeping curse. She tries to communicate with someone to get a message to Emma that Neal is alive and loves her, but no one else enters the Netherworld during her search and she decides to give up. ("The Heart of the Truest Believer")