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You owe me money!

Nazim is a criminal who lives in the Underland part of Wonderland. He threatens Will for the money he is owed in "Forget Me Not".


After the Curse

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

OW103 06
Welcome to the Underland. ("Forget Me Not")

Will tells Alice to follow his lead as this is his world and these are his people. He takes one step forward and is immediately slammed against a wall by a large man who he refers to as Nazim, adding it's a pleasure to see him again. "Don't pleasure me!" the man growls. Nazim angrily tells the knave that he owes everyone money. As he raises his fist to punch the knave, Alice draws her sword and puts it against Nazim, telling everyone to keep their heads. Will tells his companion that she should let him handle it as a large number of people in the room draw their weapons in defence. The duo look at all the armed men around them and Will quietly adds that he could use a bit of help. "Stop! Let him go!" a large echoing voice screams from behind the men. Nazim does as he's told and then everyone drops their weapons. "Let them through" the voice says as Alice and Will make their way to its source. It is revealed to be the Caterpillar. ("Forget Me Not")

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