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Mr. "K" Krzyszkowski is a clerk who works at the local hall of records in Storybrooke who appears in "True North".


After the Curse

Mr K 109
Mr. K tries to help Emma. ("True North")

Emma shows up at the local hall of records, and addresses Mr. Krzyszkowski, the clerk, calling him, however, by a wrong name. He corrects her as he gets up, and adds that everyone calls him "K". Emma introduces herself as the sheriff and explains that she's hoping to look at the birth certificates of Ava and Nicholas Zimmer. He takes out some triplicate forms for her to fill out, and stamps them. Emma agrees to, unenthusiastically, but when Mr. K goes to get her the files she seeks, he apologizes to her, for those documents have recently been removed. Emma asks, "By who?". It's soon discovered that Regina removed the documents. ("True North")

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