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Mr. Darcy is a man whom Sarah attempted to introduce to Alice in order to help her move on from Cyrus in "Who's Alice?".


Before the Curse

OW106 23
Mr. Darcy is introduced to Alice. ("Who's Alice?")

Alice is sat alone at the dining table, attending to her bandaged hand. She is startled when her father enters, seemingly have been looking for her. Sarah suddenly enters with a young man and introduces him as the man she talked about the other night; Mr. Darcy. As Edwin explains that he stopped by and can join them for breakfast, Alice gives them a look of disgust. Mr. Darcy says hello to Alice and says its nice to meet her. Alice thinks for a moment and then turns to her family, forcing a smile. She angrily points out that they brought him here and asks if they thought it'd make things better and help her forget. The three look uncomfortable. Alice stands up and angrily states that they don't know her before storming outside. Sarah gives Edwin a look, hinting that he should follow her. As Edwin follows his daughter, an uncomfortable Sarah is left with the disappointed Mr. Darcy. ("Who's Alice?")


Gallery of photographic stills released to promote the character.

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