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This mother is an unnamed character seen in "Desperate Souls" when her daughter, Morraine is taken away to fight in the Ogre's War.


Before the Curse

Morraine 108
Morraine is taken away from her mother. ("Desperate Souls")

Baelfire, Rumplestiltskin's son tells his father that "they've come for Morraine". Rumple grabs his walking stick and limps outside with his son. It's revealed that they are living in a small farming village up in the hills with a red glow in the sky in the distance. Rumple, among others, witness as a guard drags a young girl named Morraine from her parents. The parents beg them not to take her, but the head guard assures the parents that she's a fine strong girl and will make a fine soldier. The father states there must be a mistake as his daughter is only fourteen, but the guard explains that it's orders of the duke, as the ogre wars have taken a turn for the worst. Rumple's son explains that they lowered the age again. As the guard takes Morraine onto his horse, the parents try to take her back by pulling out a knife, claiming they can't have her. However, they are suddenly stopped by a mystical power that begins to choke them. Everyone looks over to a dark hooded man on a black horse enacting the spell with a magical staff. Pleased, the head guard states that the "dark one" thinks he can take Morraine. The guard tells the Dark One to stop the spell and then he rides away, leaving Rumple and his son terrified, as the latter's birthday is in three days. As Morraine's mother cries at her daughter being taken away, Rumple assures his son they'll "find a way". ("Desperate Souls")

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