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She's powerless!

The Mob Guy is a minor character on Once Upon a Time. He is an unnamed bartender who was part of a mob on two separate occasions, once to kill Regina, and once to kill Red Riding Hood.


After the Curse

Season 2

201 10
Regina fails. ("Broken")

With the curse broken, everyone remembers who they really are and where they're really from, as well as the fact that their Mayor, Regina Mills, was in fact the Evil Queen who cursed them. This man joins a mob - wrangled up by an enraged Dr. Whale - which heads to Regina's house in order to kill her in restitution for what she's done. She tries to ward them off with her magic, however, it is soon realized that she's utterly powerless. Just as she's about to be attacked, Emma, Mary Margaret and David show up and stop the mob from what they're doing, the latter two of which are now known to be Snow White and Prince Charming, the monarchs back in the Enchanted Forest. ("Broken")

Wife 207
Here comes the mob... ("Child of the Moon")

After the curse is broken, Ruby, who was a werewolf in the land that was, worries that she may turn into a wolf come nightfall, due to the return of magic. Her theory is proved correct and she rampages through the woods one night... which just so happens to be the night of the town mechanic, Billy's, murder. Spencer, Charming's adoptive father, wrangles up a mob to attack the sheriff's station where David is keeping Ruby, and part of this mob is the mob guy. He follows the mob as it goes in search of Ruby and witnesses King George try to execute her, however, David and Granny show up just in time to save Ruby, and expose to the people that Spencer killed Billy to try and prove that Charming is not a fit leader. ("Child of the Moon")


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