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Melting Potion
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Melting anything it touches
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The Melting Potion is a deadly potion created by King Arthur that melts anything it comes into contact with. He intended for it to be used on the heroes from Storybrooke.


Before the Third Curse

507 15
Arthur declares war. ("Nimue")

Arthur searches through one of the Sorcerer's spell books, concocting something out of the magical ingredients that surround him while Guinevere watches. She says that these are powerful ingredients and that she hopes he knows what he's doing, and he replies that they need something to protect themselves because these people dropped from the sky and then turned on them and freed their prisoners. He concludes that they won't stop until they've taken everything from him, throwing some ground mixture into a bowl before dropping the contents of said bowl into a nearby steaming cauldron. He summons the guards and two enter; their King tells them that infidels are on their way and that they're to summon the reserves and get every man on the parapet and patrolling every hall; "And you, give me your help," he orders. One guard steps forward and Arthur clears the table. He takes the guard's helmet and lays it down, explaining to his wife that the ladle and the cauldron have special protection spells while this helmet and their "friends" do not. He takes a ladle full of the steaming mixture and pours it onto the helmet, causing it to melt down into a bubbling puddle of nothing. Guinevere is shocked and appalled while Arthur orders the guards to throw the acidic potion on any stranger they see and then bring him what's left of them. They take the steaming cauldron as the King tells his wife that there'll be nothing but teeth and bones. Later on, the heroes spot Arthur's knights carrying the cauldron through the castle and realize it's meant for them. ("Nimue")