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Mary Darling is an episodic character on Once Upon a Time who appears in "Second Star to the Right". She is the mother of Wendy Darling, who finds a young boy named Baelfire. Mary welcomes the boy into her home as one of her own.


Before the Curse

Mary George 221
Mary and George discover Baelfire. ("Second Star to the Right")

Wendy Darling kneels down in front of her bedroom wall and knocks on it. A secret hatch within the wall soon opens and Baelfire is revealed to be inside. She hands him some food, which was wrapped up, and tells him that she brought as much as she could. Bae takes it gratefully and takes time to sniff the food as Wendy smiles at him, he then looks at her and asks her if her parents suspect anything, and she sighs, saying that they're grown-ups and therefore can't see what's not right in front of them. "We can't, can we?" a booming voice is heard from behind Wendy who suddenly turns around, shocked, to see her parents, George and Mary Darling, standing there, seeing Bae. Wendy begs her father to let her explain but Bae stands up out of the hatch before she can, and George asks the boy how long he's been hiding in his house. Wendy replies that it's only been a few weeks and that Bae was hungry on the streets, but her father makes it clear that he was talking to him, asking Bae where his family is. He quickly answers that his mother died, and after hesitation, he lies and tells them that his father is dead, too. George and Mary look to one another as Bae begins frantically apologizing, handing his food back to Wendy and stating that he'll leave right away. George heads to the door in order to see Baelfire off but Mary stands in the boy's path and assures him that he's not going anywhere as the streets are no place for a boy. He begs not to be taken to the workhouses and Mary promises him that they shall be doing nothing of the sort, telling Bae that he'll stay right there. George seems less than thrilled with the idea but Baelfire grows a huge grin as Mary welcomes him to their home. Over the upcoming nights, Mary makes sure the children get to bed safe, but after she leaves, she becomes unaware of the adventures that they go on. ("Second Star to the Right")


Gallery of photographic stills used to promote the character.

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