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Have you considered a pet? They can be quite comforting.
 Maleficent's Unicorn is a miniature black-haired unicorn which was under the ownership of Maleficent. Maleficent protected her pet fiercely, even risking her own life to protect him against Queen Regina's evil ways.


Before the Curse

Maleficents Unicorn 1 02
Maleficent protects her pet. ("The Thing You Love Most")

After publicly announcing that she will be enacting a terrible curse, Queen Regina visits Maleficent at the Forbidden Fortress. Maleficent's unicorn is present during this visit, standing beside Maleficent's chair.Unwilling to give up the Dark Curse, Regina demands that the curse be returned to her, which is concealed in the orb at the top of Maleficent's staff. A fight ensues, with Regina sending a ball of flames in the direction of Maleficent, which she quickly brushes off. However, Regina then enchants an array of weapons and sends them into the direction of the unicorn. Maleficent quickly jumps in front of her pet, protecting him from the enchanted weaponry. Angry, Regina uses her magic to bind Maleficent with a chandelier, throwing her against a wall. This gives Regina enough time to steal the Dark Curse from Maleficent's orb, but not before Maleficent begs Regina not to enact the curse. ("The Thing You Love Most")

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