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Magic paper
Magic paper
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Magic paper is something which Cyrus has picked up on his many travels. It can be used to create moving origami as well as write messages using one's finger.


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Cyrus fashions an origami rose out of magic paper and gives it to Alice when the two of them share a drink outside a Wonderland tavern. Alice is happy to discover that it actually smells like a rose, at which Cyrus explains its magical properties, saying that it's just a little something he's picked up on his travels. He waves his hand and the paper rose blooms, much to Alice's delight, and as the two of them grow closer, the rose turns red. ("Trust Me")

Alice's Return to Wonderland

Season 1

Cyrus, when in Jafar's custody, uses a sheet of magic paper to write a letter to his beloved Alice. He then fashions it into an origami bird which flies to Alice, who is very happy to receive the message. She writes on back on the same sheet of paper, telling Cyrus that she's coming for him, and she fashions it back into a bird, letting it fly to her true love. ("Trust Me")