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Lumière is a cursed candelabra, enslaved by the Wicked Witch and forced to help Belle and Neal resurrect Rumplestiltskin, appearing in "Quiet Minds".


Before the Second Curse

Lumière 315
Lumière saves Belle from the Wicked Witch. ("Quiet Minds")

After the defeat of Peter Pan, the Dark Curse is reenacted, sending the residents of Storybrooke back to the Enchanted Forest where they go off to live in the Dark Palace. Refusing to give up hope, Belle goes to Neal, thinking that there may be a way to resurrect Rumplestiltskin, thus leading the two back to the deceased Dark One's castle. There, as they look around, Lumière makes himself known to them when he is lit by Belle. He explains himself, stating that Rumple turned him into a candelabra when breaking a deal they once made. Lumière agrees to help Belle and Neal resurrect the Dark One so long as he is returned to his original self in the end. However, it soon appears he has formed an alliance with the Wicked Witch of the West and may very well be leading the two Rumple cares about most into a trap. The following day, Belle and Neal are led to the Dark One's vault by Lumière, who tells them to uncover the vault lock on the ground's center. When Neal expresses uncertainty, Lumière boldly proclaims that he has been in Rumple's library for over two-hundred years watching him practice dark magic. Belle realizes he is lying since the library was built for her and has existed for barely thirty years. Having been caught, Lumière admits who he is truly working for, though Neal continues with the resurrection - but did not realize it was at the cost of his own life - morphing him into his father. Zelena soon arrives with the dagger, commanding the Dark One kill Belle, but Lumière is able to trap the witch, giving Belle enough time to flee, bringing the candelabra with her. ("Quiet Minds")

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