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Where's Henry?!
Emma Swan

This unnamed Lost Boy was spared by Emma Swan during battle in "Lost Girl".


After the Curse

Season 3

302 29
Emma spares a Lost Boy. ("Lost Girl")

When Peter Pan orders an attack on Emma, David, Mary Margaret, Regina and Hook, the lost boy fights. Emma runs up to a Lost Boy and immediately brings her knee to his gut, causing him to crumple to the jungle ground. Another adversary runs at her and she merely pushes him away from her. The blonde runs up a hill, in pursuit of another enemy, when the hooded Lost Boy tackles her to the ground. They tumble down the hill together which leaves Emma on top of the teenager; she grabs Baelfire's sword and puts it to the Lost Boy's throat. "Where's Henry?! WHERE IS HE?!" she screams in his face, but after a while of looking into his eyes, Emma steps off of her enemy, seemingly disgusted with herself. Mary Margaret utters her daughter's name, having seen this, and asks if she's alright. The blonde looks up to her mother before her eyes drift down to the floored Lost Boy. Before she can respond, Pan whistles, and all of his followers cease attack, running into the jungle. Pan tells Emma to remember what he told her, and as he approaches her, he again assures her that the map will show her where Henry is only when she stops denying who she really is. Emma stands to face Pan with a determined look on her face, and Pan merely tells her that he'll make sure to send Henry her regards. Pan and his many, many followers then retreat as the Jolly Roger gang watches cautiously. ("Lost Girl")

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