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There's no where to hide. The Queen wants your heart. And we're not going to disappoint her.

The lead knight is an unnamed henchman of Queen Regina who encountered Snow White in the forest and attempted to kill her for the Queen, before being defeated by Prince Charming.


Before the Curse

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Snow finds herself in peril. ("Snow Falls")

Snow is running through the forest and comes to a fork in the road and turns back another way, she then sees three of the queen's soldiers coming down the road on their horses and panics, "Well, look who we found." one of them says, happily. Snow goes to grab her dust but realizes that it isn't there, he steps of off his horse and tells her that there's no where to hide and that the queen wants her dead. He draws his dagger as he advances on her, saying that he won't disappoint the queen. Snow appears doomed. Her head is slammed against the trunk of a tree as one of Regina's soldiers holds her in position by her hair, as another soldier approaches her with his dagger. "Hold her still." he says before lifting the dagger, ready to plunge it into her, however, he is suddenly hit by something and falls to the floor. A knife is seen in his back and Prince Charming is seen to be the culprit. He draws his sword and the soldier holding Snow draws his own and advances on Charming, Snow looks at the knife in the soldier's back and then to the empty horse he vacated, as Charming battles the soldier and the other just turns on his horse. Snow makes a run for the vacated horse but the spare soldier is alert, he rides in her way, and, just as she is about to mount, he lifts her off the ground by her hair and rides with her in his hand, lifting her onto his horse. Charming cuts the soldier down and notices that one of them is riding away with Snow, he sees a bow and quiver of arrows on the saddle of a horse and grabs the weapon and one arrow, he then runs after the horse, taking a shortcut through the trees, and sees it riding on the nearby road. He readies his bow and arrow and waits in position, he lets go and we see the arrow fly straight through the trees and into the soldier, causing him to fall from his horse, dead. ("Snow Falls")