Land of Untold Stories Marketplace
Land of Untold Stories Marketplace
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The Land of Untold Stories Marketplace is the central hub of the Land of Untold Stories. It is particularly easy to blend in while cruising through this locale due to the sheer diversity of its general loiterers.


After the Third Curse

Season 5

523 03
The heroes flee through the marketplace. ("An Untold Story")

After Dr. Jekyll sets Hyde's prisoners - Snow, David, Hook and Zelena - free, he leads them out of the mansion and into the marketplace, which they are amazed by because, as Snow takes note, it's like every realm at once. Indeed, the marketplace is a veritable melting pot of inhabitants from every land, and Jekyll explains to them that this land is a safe haven for people from all over, hence its title of the Land of Untold Stories. They quickly flee the marketplace to Jekyll's apartment, but later have to make their way back through it when they're on the run from Hyde. Snow points out that they can blend in there, but so can the man chasing them, so they have to hurry. Hyde ends up cornering them when they reach a dead-end in a back alley, but fortunately they are rescued by a convenient portal. ("An Untold Story")