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Knubbin is a character in the Once Upon a Time novel, "Red's Untold Tale". He was the wizard who made Red's riding hood.


Before the Curse

Knubbin enchanted Anita's cross necklace when she came to him; its enchantment makes it so that her Wolfstime dreams would be more vivid, so as to demystify them. He also removed a memory from Granny's head - the memory of the day her husband died. In exchange for the riding hood that stops Red from turning into a wolf, she had to take it back, and the pain of her scar is the physical manifestation of the pain that that memory now gives her. Red finds him in order to get him to make a magic salve to alleviate that pain, and he agrees to do so. However, when she comes back for it the next day, he reveals that it's missing a crucial ingredient, telling her where to find it before he leaves after having packed up. ("Red's Untold Tale")

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