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Briar Rose - Wife
Aurora - Daughter
Phillip Jr. - Grandson
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I promise, if you intend to take away Aurora's happiness, you will fail... Just as you failed with Briar Rose.

King Stefan is the father of Aurora, and an enemy of Maleficent. He appears in "Enter the Dragon".


Before the Curse

Stefan 414
Stefan is faced with a dragon. ("Enter the Dragon")

At some point, Maleficent puts the Queen Briar Rose under a sleeping curse for unknown reasons, but once she is awaken by true loves kiss, via King Stefan, Maleficent falls into a depression, and even loses her ability to turn into a dragon. Stefan and Briar Rose have a daughter together, which they name Aurora, and she grows up, soon falling in love with a prince by the name of Phillip; their wedding is eventually announced. Meanwhile, Maleficent befriends Queen Regina, who ends up helping her regain the ability to transform into a dragon and getting her out of her slump. When Stefan and his men go after the sorceress in order to protect Aurora, as they know Maleficent will go after her, they are defeated. Maleficent makes her way to the palace where she finds Aurora. She reveals she intended on killing both of the princess's parents, but spared them since she realized they would suffer far worse after seeing what Maleficent intends to do. Aurora tries to run, but the sorceress stops her. The princess states she will defeat Maleficent one day just as her mother did, but she is then pricked with the spindle of a spinning wheel, and falls under the same sleeping curse Briar Rose was originally put under. Maleficent goes on to curse Prince Phillip, turning him to a beast known as the Yaoguai, thus stopping him from ever going after his true love. ("Enter the Dragon")