King Fergus' Gravestone
King Fergus' Gravestone
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King Fergus' Gravestone is a gravestone set up in honor of Merida's deceased father, the former king of DunBroch and ruler of the United Clans, King Fergus.


Before the Third Curse

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King Fergus is mourned by his wife and daughter. ("The Bear King")

On the morning of her coronation, Merida visits her father's gravestone, where she sadly tells her father about how she rescued her brothers and proved to the clans she's fit to be their queen. She confesses to him that the hard part will be ruling over them and she wishes her father was here to show her how he did it. Elinor approaches her daughter and assures her that her father is always with her. After a moment of mourning, the mother and daughter head off to the latter's coronation. Later on, Merida returns to the gravestone with Mulan and Red Riding Hood. The friends part ways and then Merida uses magic ale that the Witch gave to her to communicate with her father's spirit. Merida apologises for losing faith in her father, but he reveals he lost faith in himself. He tells her that she made him realise he if wanted to show her how to be a true leader, he couldn't use magic to do it. The father and daughter are finally able to say goodbye to each other. ("The Bear King")