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Kevin is a minor character on Once Upon a Time. He is an obnoxious kid who Emma once lived with in one of her many foster homes.


After the Curse

Early Life

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Kevin is told to respect Emma's belongings. ("Shattered Sight")

"Hey, look what the new girl brought with her!" a young boy, Kevin, is heard exclaiming as he records footage using a young Emma's stolen video camera, which she is desperately trying to get back. "Give it back, Kevin!" Ingrid - the group foster mother - soon shouts from out in the hallway, entering the room and telling the obnoxious child that the camera is Emma's, not his, and that they respect property in this household. She approaches him and takes the camera back as he reluctantly adheres to her rules. She then gestures for him to leave and he does so, leaving Ingrid and Emma alone in the room together. The latter is handed her video camera and told that everything's okay; Ingrid assures her that, despite being new there, she's going to be just fine, before leaving the room and alerting the rest of the children that it's lights out in fifteen, reminding them to brush their teeth. Emma, looking unsure of herself, goes to leave the room as well when the doorway is suddenly blocked by Kevin, who tells her that it's her choice: she can either give him that camera tomorrow or he can make her life a living hell. He smiles wickedly before heading off, and Emma appears indignant. ("Breaking Glass"/"Family Business"/"Shattered Sight")

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