For the episode, see Kansas.

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Kansas is the realm in which Dorothy Gale and Walsh both originate from. Having been swooped up in a cyclone, Dorothy finds herself in Oz until gifted with a pair of silver slippers that send her home; however, because of familial conditions and receiving word that the Wicked Witch still lives, she chooses to go back to Oz, leaving Kansas forever.


Before the Curse

For unknown reasons, a circus huckster by the name of Walsh is transported from his home in Kansas to the realm of Oz, where the people begin to look at him as a great and powerful wizard. ("It's Not Easy Being Green") After a certain amount of time passes, Dorothy Gale, a girl who is also from Kansas is taken to Oz by a cyclone. Needing to be gotten out of the way though, Dorothy receives a pair of silver slippers from the Wicked Witch of the West to take herself home. ("Kansas") Once getting back to Kansas, Dorothy tries to share her tale of being in Oz, but when no one believes her, she almost winds up in an asylum until her aunt, Emily Brown, takes her in. After so many years, Em eventually dies. ("Ruby Slippers") Having received word from the munchkins of Oz, Dorothy learns that Zelena is still alive and in power, and so she decides to leave Kansas forever to go back to Oz to defeat the Wicked Witch. ("Our Decay")