Jungle Dimension
Jungle Dimension
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The Jungle Dimension is a realm where Rumplestiltskin hides his dagger for protection. If one enters the Vault of the Dark One, they will be led to the Jungle Dimension through a magic door.


Before the Curse

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Guinevere and Lancelot visit the Jungle Dimension. ("The Broken Kingdom")

Guinevere and Lancelot make their way to the Vault of the Dark One and go through a door, leading them to the Jungle Dimension. They find the missing half of Excalibur, which is none other than the Dark One's dagger. They're unable to get a hold of the blade due to its protection, but Rumplestiltskin soon makes himself known, and agrees to make a trade with the two for the second best thing. In exchange for the gauntlet Guinevere has, Rumple offers a magic sand that can fix what's broken; it can give the illusion Excalibur is whole. ("The Broken Kingdom") Snow and Charming touch the horn of a unicorn to get a glimpse of their child's future. Their visions takes them to the Jungle Dimension. Charming sees his daughter happy and well, however, Snow's vision shows Emma to be evil and corrupted by darkness. ("Best Laid Plans")

Before the Third Curse

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Snow recognizes the locale. ("The Broken Kingdom")

When Charming learns that Excalibur is incomplete and can be made whole again by the Dark One's dagger, he wants to use the dagger to help Arthur; however, Mary Margaret approaches her husband and tells him of Lancelot's warning, leading to an argument between the two over whether or not the King can be trusted. Ultimately, they put their differences aside and decide to do what's best for their daughter: Charming goes to Arthur, pretending to have forgotten the dagger, while Snow takes a fake dagger to Lancelot, who's hiding out at Granny's Diner in the woods. He takes her to the Vault of the Dark One and into the Jungle Dimension so that they can hide it, knowing how to open the seal, and the two of them head down a secret staircase and into a segment of forest that Snow recognizes - it's the same as the one featured in her vision where Emma ripped her heart out, and she now realizes that she must have been foreseeing the Dark One. She and Lancelot go to hide the dagger when Arthur approaches, having followed them, and he threatens Lancelot if Mary Margaret doesn't hand over the dagger. She obliges, but, when he tries to summon Emma, he fails due to the dagger being fake, at which David reveals that he was tricking the King to make sure whether or not his intentions were truly dubious. ("The Broken Kingdom")