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Jonathan, King Leopold's gardener, was a con man who tricked Cora into believing he was a royal prince. He appeared in "Bleeding Through".


Before the Curse

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Jonathan reveals his deception to Cora. ("Bleeding Through")

Cora was the daughter of a miller who slacked off and was constantly drunk. One night, when Cora is moonlighting at a tavern and fending off drunks, a man named Jonathan invites her to sit with him and drops a handkerchief, allowing Cora to see the royal crest embroidered on it. He explains that he's actually Prince Jonathan but that he didn't want this to be revealed so that Cora would like him for him, and not his crown. He makes a ring out of straw and offers it to her as a marriage proposal, promising to meet her in two weeks and give her a ring of gold, and Cora agrees to marry him, going on to keep him company in his room. Two weeks later, Cora waits at the crossroads where she and Jonathan agreed to meet, but he doesn't show up, and so two months later, Cora goes to the castle to find him. When she does, she realizes that he's a gardener and Jonathan admits to tricking her, accusing her of being a harlot nonetheless; Cora then reveals that she's pregnant and demands that he support the child, but he refuses and walks away. A man approaches her and introduces himself as Prince Leopold, much to her delight, and Cora stays at the palace with him. They soon bond and end up getting engaged. Later, Jonathan finds Cora at the garden, admiring the gold engagement ring that Leopold gave her, and he figures that the prince doesn't know about the child she's carrying. He demands that Cora give him as much gold as she can spare or he'll tell Leopold the truth, and she agrees to do so. Later, she is gathering money in the great hall when she's stumbled upon by Leopold, who's heard a rumor that she is with child. Cora insists that this is a lie, but Eva steps out and denounces her, explaining that she overheard her rendezvous with Jonathan earlier. Cora is taken away by guards and goes on to give birth back at her village, but she abandons her daughter in the woods and the baby is carried away by a magical cyclone. ("Bleeding Through")