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This jester performs during the Evil Queen's birthday celebration; however, when proving to be unfunny, his life is taken by Regina. He appears in "Souls of the Departed".


Before the Curse

512 30
The Queen is not amused. ("Souls of the Departed")

The shot moves up a large, extravagant, black-frosted birthday cake with a single lit candle sticking out of its top tier that Regina, as the Evil Queen, stares at intensely. However, a jester's rattle soon enters her line of sight, jingling before the royal jester himself leans over and invites the Queen to make a wish. Annoyed by his overenthusiastic presence, Regina blows the candle out with gusto and allows the smoke to drift into his face. He continues to smile though as he asks what what it is she wished for, and she replies, "That you were amusing, Jester. And it didn't come true." With that, she waves her hand and her magic compels him to fall down dead; his jingling rattle finally ceases making noise as it hits the palace floor, and all those in attendance of the Evil Queen's birthday party suddenly become very unnerved. The music stops playing and Regina orders her guests and staff to wind this up, picking up a gift and slamming it back down again as she declares that she's had enough reveling. ("Souls of the Departed")

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