For Prince Charming's twin brother, see Prince James.

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James Page is a minor character on Once Upon a Time. He is a resident of the Land Without Magic who adopts Lily when she arrives through a portal from the Enchanted Forest after being ripped away from her mother, Maleficent, by Snow White and Prince Charming.


Before the Curse

416 38
Lily is adopted. ("Best Laid Plans")

Lily - a baby who is in fact the daughter of one of the Enchanted Forest's most notorious dark sorceresses, Maleficent - cries as she's handed over by an adoption agent to a man who is to become her father, having signed all the paperwork necessary in allowing him to do so. The agent congratulates the baby's new dad as she hands the baby, asking him what he's going to call his daughter. He replies that she's going to be called Lilith; "We wanna name her Lily." He stares down at the baby in his arms, seeming content. ("Best Laid Plans")

After the Curse

Early Life

405 29
Lily's father finds his daughter. ("Breaking Glass")

When Lily is a teenager, she runs away from home, and her father tries his best to track her down. He finds her exiting a store along with Emma Swan, having just robbed it, and tries chasing her in his car. However, she manages to get away and she and Emma soon take up residence in an unoccupied lake house, where they become best friends. Lily's father finally manages to track her down, breaking into the house one night with a torch in tow, calling out for his daughter. Emma refuses to let her friend be taken back into foster care, having been told that this man is her social worker, and it is revealed to her that this man is in fact Lily's father. She is shocked, having thought Lily was an orphan like her, and Lily tries explaining that she is, for she's adopted. Emma is hearing none of it, leaving her "friend" behind, and Lily's father takes her home with him. ("Breaking Glass") He and his wife eventually kick Lily out due to all the trouble she has caused them. ("Lily")

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