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When we reach the cell, stay out of the light, and whatever you do, do not let him know your name. If he knows your name, he will have power over you.

The jailer is an unnamed prison guard put in charge of looking after the detained Rumplestiltskin.


Before the Curse

Jailer 101
The jailer debriefs Snow and Charming. ("Pilot")

A drawing of a lighted torch can be seen in Henry Mills' story book as he explains to his birth mother, Emma Swan, while she drives him back home, that the fairytale characters of his book are real, and trapped in Storybrooke. The image then morphs into the real fairytale world, and the torch is lighting the corridors to the cells. A guard - the jailer - guides Prince Charming and Snow White, carrying a lighted torch himself, and tells them to stay in the dark and to never let the prisoner know their names, because if he does, he'll have power over them. As they approach the cell, he calls out for Rumplestiltskin, twice, and tells him he's got a question for him. A creepy voice is heard saying "No, you don't", as a vulture moves inside the cell. "They do", he adds, referring to the royal couple. He lets out a creepy laugh after he refers to the couple by name, and tells them they insult him, by standing in the dark and not approaching him. He urges them to do so, and to take off their robes, and they oblige. Rumplestiltskin laughs as they near him, saying that's much better. ("Pilot")


  • The jailer was to be featured in at least one more scene that was cut from the pilot episode. The scene, which was supposed to introduce Rumplestiltskin, in a manner of speaking, was included on the special features of the first season's DVD and BluRay sets.

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