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Jafar's Guard is one of the many men who chase Alice and Will throughout the Red Queen's Castle in "To Catch a Thief".


After the Curse

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

OW112 23
Lying in wait... ("To Catch a Thief")

In the dungeons, Alice and Will are standing, out if view, in wait, whilst Jafar's guards walk around, unknowing. Alice wonders if it's too hard for her friend to be there, with Anastasia's corpse lying in a glass coffin not far away, but Will says that it's good because it helps him remember why they're doing something as crazy as this. Alice continues her countdown, saying it's almost time, and asks the Knave if he's ready. He simply replies with the same question, pointing out that, once they start, there's no turning back and no telling what's going to happen to either of them. "Just be careful," Alice warns, but he says, "Come on. That's never really be either of our styles, has it?" She agrees, and he takes her hand, comfortingly, saying that he'll see her soon. Alice reciprocates, before finishing her countdown completely; "It's time." With that, Will steps out and casually approaches Anastasia's coffin, stroking the edges and looking inside. The former Sultan of Agrabah sees this and stands up in his cell, surprised, whilst Will tells his beloved that they're almost there. Soon, one of Jafar's guards spots him and asks what the hell he's doing, to which Will replies that he's paying his respects, wondering if the two knights mind. The guard tries to grab him, but Will evades capture, running out of the dungeon and up a flight of stairs; both guards follow, leaving the dungeon safe for Alice, who's ready to come out of hiding.
As this is said, Will continues being chased through he palace halls. He stops at a dead end, meaning all six guards catch up with him. They advance menacingly.
"Sorry lads," says Will, whose continuously being backed into a dead end by Jafar's men, "I'd love to stay and chat, but I've got a bottle to catch. Any minute now..." The guards all draw their swords, and Will loudly repeats, "Any minute now!" A knight goes to strike him, much to his fright, but he turns to orange smoke and disappears before any harm can come to him. ("To Catch a Thief")

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