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This Guard is one of the many working for Jafar that search the Red Queen's Castle for Alice and Cyrus after their visit to the dungeons. He appears in "Heart of the Matter".


After the Curse

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

OW111 12
Jafar has the castle searched for "visitors". ("Heart of the Matter")

Upon the discovery of intruders roaming the castle, Jafar has men set out to find Alice and Cyrus; he is soon approached by one of his guards, who reveals they have found a secret tunnel system, and deem the intruders to having escaped. "Secret tunnels?" Jafar questions before turning to the imprisoned Anastasia, questioning her knowledge on the subject. The Jabberwocky confirms that she knew of them, revealing that the Red King would use them to sneak his 'companions' in and out of the castle. Jafar smirks at this before making a comment about how he isn't the only one who grew tired of his partnership with the Queen; he then tells Anastasia that she's going to help him find the Knave's heart. She argues, however, that she didn't know it was even missing, so she questions how Jafar thinks she could possibly know where it is; she deems herself of no value to him. "True, but you still may be of value to someone else." Ana lets out a dreadful sigh at this comment as Jafar and the Jabberwocky watch the imprisoned, dethroned Queen. ("Heart of the Matter")

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