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Jack Sprat is one of the many people that Mary Margaret and Leroy encountered, while selling candles door-to-door in "Dreamy".


After the Curse

Season 1

Skinny Man 114
Mary Margaret and Leroy attempt to sell candles. ("Dreamy")

When attempting to sell more candles for the Miners Day Fair in Storybrooke, Mary Margaret and Leroy knock on the door of a Storybrooke townsperson, candles in tow, the door opens and a skinny man with a carrot stares them down. Mary Margaret tells him that they're selling candles for Miners Day, however, he merely takes a bite from his carrot. The man's wife comes to the door, takes one look at the pair of them, and tells them that they're not interested, before slamming the door shut in their faces (this being due to the fact that Mary Margaret is the town harlot and Leroy is the town drunk). Mary Margaret and Leroy are then seen standing hopeful at another door, which also slams in their faces. Another door slams in their faces. And another. And another. And yet another, all before they can fit a word in edgeways. At the final door, Leroy looks to Mary Margaret, seeming disappointed. ("Dreamy")

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