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The Jabberwocky Guard is a man who guards the detained Jabberwocky. He appears in "Nothing to Fear".


After the Curse

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

OW109 12
Jafar fights his way inside the tower. ("Nothing to Fear")

Up in the mountains of Wonderland, a man is stood guarding a bridge which leads to a tall metal tower with a circular shape at the top. Jafar approaches the guard by foot, asking if this is the location of the Jabberwocky. The guard tells Jafar to go back, as no good comes from this godforsaken place. Jafar explains that he’s the ruler of Wonderland now, so tells the man to step aside if he wants to live. The guard repeats that Jafar must go back, so the angry sorcerer uses his magic to lift the guard and throw him to the side. The guard gets to his feet and draws his axe, leading Jafar to ask if he’s really willing to die to protect the beast. The guard states that he isn't protecting the beast, but he’s protecting him. Jafar says he appreciates the concern before throwing the man onto the bridge with his magic. As he walks past the guard who is on the floor, he points out that he’s capable of taking care of himself. The guard lifts his head and tells Jafar that the only thing waiting inside the tower is death. Jafar says that he and death have already met, “Send him my regards” he finishes, snapping the guard's neck with magic. The guard drops to the floor, dead, and Jafar makes his way inside. ("Nothing to Fear")

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