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Even mutes can draw a picture.

Honora was Rumplestiltskin and Baelfire's mute maid, after Rumple became the Dark One. The latter killed her, after she heard Rumplestiltskin and Baelfire's conversation about the dagger.


Before the Curse

Honora 119
Honora serves Rumple's family. ("The Return")

Baelfire and Rumplestiltskin are seen walking into their home, the latter thanks the maid, telling her that she can go and fetch her supper now, the maid silently obliges, leaving. When Rumple finally shows his dagger to Bae, Honora from earlier walks back into the house. Rumple looks at her, awkwardly, before putting his dagger away, tucking it back into his robe. Then, as the maid serves their food, Rumple tells Bae that he may search for other methods but warns him not to get his hopes up. Later, we are shown multiple children playfighting in the forest, Rumplestiltskin and Baelfire approach, the former suggests that his son go and join in. Bae obliges and Rumple goes to attend to some "business nearby" and walks away. After his conversation with Morraine, when Rumplestiltskin comes back, Baelfire points out the stains on Rumple's boots, it's clearly blood, he tells Bae that they need a new maid. Bae is shocked. "She heard us talking about the knife!" Rumple argues. "She was mute! She couldn't tell anyone!" Bae reminds him. "...even mutes can draw a picture..." Rumple points out. He leaves and Bae is horrified at his father's behavior. ("The Return")

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