Holy Grail
Holy Grail
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Merlin (forged into Excalibur)
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Merlin (formerly)
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Adda (failed)
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Granting immortality and powers
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The Holy Grail is an ancient cup that if successfully drank from, would grant a person magical powers and immortality, and if unsuccessfully drank from, would cause the person to disintegrate. Merlin drinks from the cup, and centuries later, forges it into Excalibur so that he may cut away his powers. While it is considered to be the beginning of magic, it has a dark counterpart that is the end of magic


Before the Curse

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The Holy Grail is discovered by Merlin. ("Nimue")

1000 years before the Age of Arthur, Merlin and his companion Adda are running away from something through desert wastelands when they begin to collapse due to exhaustion and thirst; that is, until Merlin notices what Adda thinks is a mirage and heads toward it. As it turns out, it's the holy grail. While Adda turns to dust upon touching it, Merlin drinks from it and receives new magical powers, as well as the ability to see the future and immortality. 500 years later and Merlin has transformed the desert into a place of considerable beauty, having gained an Apprentice as well as a position as the village healer. One day, a woman named Nimue whose future he cannot see asks him for a favor; her village was burned down by a man named Vortigan, and all she managed to escape with was a handful of middlemist seeds. Her greatest revenge would be for them to prosper in spite of him, and so Merlin uses his magic to create a healthy growth of them, then entering a relationship with Nimue. He wants to propose but is fearful because he is immortal and she isn't, and so the two of them quest to the Flame of Prometheus so that Merlin can remold the holy grail into a sword that is capable of cutting away his magic. When he does so, however, Vortigan arrives and attacks Nimue, causing her to bleed out in Merlin's arms. Vortigan then takes the sword and tries attacking Merlin with it, only for Nimue to rip his heart out. She explains that she earlier drank from the grail and gained her own magic, and proceeds to use it for proper revenge by crushing Vortigan's heart and killing him. This turns her magic dark, and thus she becomes the first Dark One. She takes the sword and breaks it against the Promethean flame's stand, with the flame itself having gone out, to avoid her magic and immortality being cut away. ("Nimue")