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Hershel Worthington is a character in the Once Upon a Time novel, "Red's Untold Tale". He was a tax collector who tried to evict Red and Granny.


Before the Curse

Red meets Hershel Worthington at the marketplace, where he reveals a new fee for setting up stall. He also reveals that her Granny is behind on her taxes, and has mere days to pay them in full. He returns on Thursday to evict them from their home, but Red chases him to a tavern where she gives him her mother's cross necklace as payment; she tells him it has a love spell enchantment on it, and he believes her and accepts it in the stead of gold. He approaches her later at a town meeting and wonders how it's meant to work, and Red explains to him that it works if he tells the girl he loves how he feels. However, her friend Peter steals the necklace back for him, leaving Worthington with a fake. ("Red's Untold Tale")

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