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The Helper Dwarf is an unnamed dwarf who hands axes to the eight dwarfs, giving them their names, in "Dreamy".


Before the Curse

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Dreamy's axe is handed to him by the helper dwarf. ("Dreamy")

Bossy tells a newly hatched dwarf that he will be working with his seven brethren, introducing them as his team. The seven other dwarfs stand to attention and Bossy tells them to grab an axe (which is handed to each of them by a helper dwarf). The first dwarf steps forward and grabs hold of his axe, the name "Stealthy" appears on it. The second dwarf is given and axe and named "Happy". The third does the same and the name "Doc" appears on his axe. The fourth dwarf steps forward and sneezes before being handed his axe and immediately named "Sneezy". Sleepy follows, and then Bashful. Dopey is the last to be handed his axe before it's the curious dwarf's turn. He is handed and axe, and upon it is seen the name "Dreamy". "The axe never lies, Dreamy," Bossy assures him before telling the eight dwarfs to grab a lantern and move out, saying that today is the first day of the rest of their lives. The dwarfs begin to whistle as they one by one go to work, Bossy welcomes them to the mines. ("Dreamy")


Gallery of photographic stills used to promote the character.

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