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Hangman's Island
Hangman's Island
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Hangman's Island is an island located somewhere in the Enchanted Forest, where Ariel and Prince Eric live out their happy ending.


After the Second Curse

Season 3

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Eric lives out his happy ending with Ariel. ("The Jolly Roger")

After Regina undoes the Dark Curse in order to vanquish Pan's threat, everyone is returned to the Enchanted Forest, including Ariel and Eric. However, Eric is soon kidnapped by a band of pirates aboard the Jolly Roger, led by Black Beard, who leave him on a deserted island in order to ransom him at the right time. Ariel attacks Captain Hook, thinking he's responsible, but it soon becomes apparent that he hasn't been able to find his ship since the undoing of the curse. He then helps her locate her prince, wanting the Jolly Roger back, but Ariel is devastated to learn that Eric isn't on board, begging Hook not to kill Black Beard so that he can tell them where he is. However, Hook feeds Black Beard to the sharks and a betrayed Ariel removes the enchanted bracelet which grants her legs and swims away in the ocean, hoping to locate Eric by herself. Eventually, she finds him stranded on Hangman's Island, and the two of them joyously reunite, living out their happily ever after together. As it turns out, Hangman's Island is outside the proximity of Zelena's new curse, and so Eric and Ariel aren't transported back to Storybrooke along with everyone else. When Zelena tries to fool Hook, he learns from her what really happened to the mermaid, and Emma and Regina use mirror magic to check in on the couple. Mary Margaret is happy to hear that her friend got such a happy ending. ("The Jolly Roger")